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Quality Control

Our focus is on fine tuning every detail. That is why we have the “micro” in “Microdent” as the first part of our brand name. It emphasizes our use of microscopes to tailor delicate details and emphasizes our focus on giving every client and partner the same high level of respect. Our philosophy is ‘done once, done right.’

Our quality control process is a continuous process with multi stages. This process takes place every day in our lab through checking on cases that are still under production as well as of course the final check before the product is delivered to you. Our check list for each product has the essential points for any product to succeed, so we check functionality and aesthetics.

Functionality is the crucial part in any of our products to pass, so whether it is a fixed or removable prosthesis, it must work well along with the antagonist teeth/jaw as well as the adjacent teeth. Your patient is going to chew food every day and to perform this daily function successfully, we make sure the prostheses is right and does the job. On the other hand, we look at aesthetics and make sure that the prosthesis blends well in the mouth as if it is a natural part of it. We take in consideration the teeth emergence profile and the proper alignment since a lot of time teeth anatomy are not perfect in regards to ridges, tilted teeth, wore teeth, etc. As much important as that is the teeth color and shade and denture tissue-acrylic colors too. 

Dentists Testimonials


Archana Johnson, DDS

“For over four years, my experience has been extremely positive. I can always count on the team for their level of professionalism and willingness to address my concerns. My cases always return in a promptly manner and in superior quality. Their attention to details makes all the difference when dealing with challenging cases. I would highly recommend them to all dental practices” Dr. Archana M. Johnson


Niesen Paul, DDS

”I have been using Microdent Dental Laboratory for over 18 years.  I appreciate their attention to detail, skill, and use of the latest technologies and materials.” Dr. Niesen Paul


Jeffery Cross, DDS

”Microdent has been a partner in my restorative practice since 2007.  I have found the Microdent team to be conscientious, efficient, and always willing to extend themselves to provide the best service.  I would recommend their dental lab work to anyone desiring a higher quality of artistry and function.” Dr. Jeffery Cross

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