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Our Lab

Detail oriented, high-tech, and client focused. These are the values since the lab foundation in 2001 that make Microdent Dental Laboratory “The” lab for you. At that time, we have made a commitment to provide you with the highest quality dental prostheses and the best service. Being a full service dental lab, our production capability is diversified and makes us able to produce all types of dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, implants, and full or partial dentures.

The team on board is highly qualified and exist to offer you the proper customer service and dental products. With over than 30 years of dental lab experience among our team and the continuous training, the team of technicians, administration and logistics personnel is being able to promise you dedication and devotion to help you reach your goals and achieve your patients’ satisfaction.


As the Dental Lab Technology industry is evolving rapidly toward digitalizing the production or part of it, we here in Microdent believe in investing in acquiring the right technology and equipment. Our lab is complimented by our state-of-the-art technology and digital work flow. Of course, we adopt the latest technologies in CAD CAM and 3D printing to accommodate your requirements and match your expectations. Having this on board makes us able to produce dental prosthesis with the highest quality.

Digital Scanning

We use our digital scanners to scan stone models that allow us to design the required prosthesis successfully. We also accept different digital files types from you. Call us to liaise with our team for sending any digital files.

Digital Design

Both the latest design softwares and our trained technicians make the CAD CAM design stage very efficient and accordingly results into prostheses that are well made of best materials with perfect fit.

Digital Milling

This is the stage where you can see how the technology got really improved lately. The milling machines we have on board are from the biggest manufacturers in the industry and have the latest specifications of milling in terms of movement axes, built-in software, type of burs, etc.

3D Printing

Accurate models are the essential stage for a successful dental prosthesis with a perfect fit. Latest technologies in 3D printing allowed us to accommodate different types of files to be printed on our 3D printers and have accurate models to work on.


In Microdent Dental Lab, we use high quality materials in all our products. It is very important for us to achieve your patient’s satisfaction through long lasting products and human-body compatible materials.

For implants materials, we provide authentic and milled-in-house abutments made of the highest material quality such as Titanium and Zirconia which both are very compatible with the gum tissue.

For crowns and bridges, we use different types of materials vary between Zirconia, E.MAX, Porcelain, Metal, etc. We use Zirconia of different types according to the case requirements such as:

  • ‘Multi-Layer Translucency with High Translucency’ used for anterior teeth.
  • ‘Multi-Layer Translucency with Medium Translucency’ used for posterior teeth.
  • ‘Low Translucency Zirconia’ used for posterior teeth for extra strength.

On the tradition side of crown and bridge, we use different metal grades for PFM and full cast such as High Nobel, Semi-Precious, ‘Non-Precious and Yellow Gold. 

For denture and partial dentures, which are made mostly of acrylic and artificial teeth, we use high standard acrylic material that is strong enough to last for long time and of course we can customize the colors according to each patient and each case. Artificial teeth are very important too to achieve aesthetic and function purposes. We offer variety of teeth qualities such as ‘Extremely High’ and ‘High’ levels.

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